About FTO

Enjoy the service of your own dedicated travel planners, available 24h/7x7, when you are in France.

French Travel Organization (FTO)                                

A leading, proactive, bespoke Travel design & Event management company based in France.


Our guest profile is Uber-elite, who consider 'quality' and 'service' above all, and who are always looking for something 'unique' & 'exclusive'.


Seasoned travellers appreciate not having to spend their own valuable time trying to build their holidays. We also know that while it takes skills to create any kind of a luxury vacation, crafting a truly bespoke travel experience requires a whole other dimension of insight, rigour and passion.


In order to fulfill these expectations, we propose that ultimate, enriching, surprising & unforgettable travel experience, which goes beyond buildings & monuments.



Séverine Sawhney  & Ritu Bernaerts

To provide that extra edge to our customers, we chose to remain a small setup. Our goal is to deliver seamless services with exceptional taste and the highest standards.  Our selection of the best professional suppliers in the travel industry and our multi-cultural competent team helps us to be one of most experiential and private travel designers in France.

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