Exclusive World-Class Services

Bespoke holidays

Whether you are longing for the glamour of a big city, the calm elegance of the countryside, the pure indulgence of a world-class ski resort or the tranquility of an island, benefit from a wealth of professional travel advice and insider knowledge to make the most out of your trip.                     


Our 'offbeat' itineraries will show you France like never before. Pick and choose from our signature visits : A journey to follow the steps of famous 19th century writer Jules Verne - private tour of Mont St. Michel by helicopter - Monaco F1 from an yatch or from exclusive aparments - attend Roland-Garros from  the VIP lounge - lavender magic in Provence - snorkeling in Corsica - vintage car ride to taste some finest champagne and the list goes on and on...

                                                      Your holiday doesn’t exist until we design it for you. And afterwards, it will live on in the stories you tell and the memories you share.

Corporate events

We select outstanding venues for every gathering, from grand conferences to intimate retreats with exceptional settings to make your event unforgettable..                                                                                 Team building activities are proposed in unexpected places with fun ideas to create remarkable atmosphere.           One of our favorite events :  Organized a dog sledge treasure hunt as a team building exercise. Imagine the sound of the huskies, the schussing of the snow beneath your sledge...recepie for a great team bonding.                                                                                          Try our really creative and customized ideas that most people are not aware of.

Private moments

For family events in France, we help you to build that perfect trip, and if you’re not really sure what you want to do, we have plenty of ideas to make them unforgettable.                                                                   Out of many of our recent works :

1) For a  pre-wedding celebration in France, a surprise tour of Paris was organized for all guests, not by road but by air.  Then they landed directly in a castle for a lunch in a 3*** michelin restaurant, where each guest had their meal according to their individual dietary constraints! This was followed by more activities such as para diving, with all the family members holding hands over one of the most beautiful bays in the world and a priate picnic on the beach before a very private Indian traditional wedding in France.                                                                        2) For a celebrity client, we privatized some of the very important French monuments for exclusive and confidential visits.                                                                                 

Unique experiences 

Choose from our collection of carefully handpicked butler serviced villas, small boutique hotels, castle B&B, hotel barge and glampings (luxury camps), each of which offers something unique and special.                                                                                           Meet some of the French creators who are leaders in their own domains.


For example :  a luxury handmade umbrella maker whose elegant products are used by all luxury brands. They are not only resistant to the fiercest gust of wind but are also used for self defense, designed to protect dignitaries, like French Presidents...                                                                               Visit the homes of designers like Dior  or artists like Van Gogh or Monet.          Become an expert in identyfying aromas and the  type of wine during a blind tasting,  etc...                                

Experiences could be many, according to your interests...


Our commitment is to ensure that you enjoy the best of France and feel your precious time/event has been celebrated in the most spectacular way.

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